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You can browse to keep up to date with news, event information and the sporting calendar not to mention a bit about our History, lists of ex-Masters and ex-Standard Bearers.

The website has been designed to be visually appealing with photos of our events and functions being added when appropriate.

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Images of Company Standard Bearers - get yours added

    R Hogg  1923


    S Roberts  1937


D Arres 1941   D Arres  1941





  R Lawrie  1960  


    W Grieve  1963    



    W Ainslie  1968


      E Grieve  1971 


     J MacDonald  1973


       J Cruikshank  1975


     A Pearce  1976 


     D Mitchell  1977  


    G Beagley  1979


    J Henderson 1980   


   J Rathie  1981


      J Marshall  1982  


      J Wheelans  1987



    G Archibald  1991       



     N Bunyan  1993    



     J Nichol  1994          



 Click to view image of J Cockburn 1996




       I Inglis  1997         


      I Clapperton  1998


      E MacDougall  1999   


    G Thomson  2000


    D Bell  2001    


    R Robertson  2004


     R Murray  2005


      S Kemp  2006


       A Pattullo  2007 


        J Smail  2008


     D Heard  2009



     K Houston  2010                       


               J Harold  2011  


      M Nichol  2012    


       I Main  2013    



       A Anderson  2014


      D Nichol  2015


                    D Amos  2016

      S Hogarth  2017

    S Davidson  2018


2019 standard bearer Bruce Riddell     B Riddell  2019


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