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Selkirk Merchant Company Dinner 2019

Selkirk Merchant Company announced its new Standard Bearer Bruce Riddell at their annual dinner on Friday 8th March.

On Friday night at the Selkirk Merchant Company annual general meeting, David Heard the outgoing Master carried out one of his final duties by appointing Mr Bruce Riddell to the post of Selkirk Merchant Company Standard Bearer for 2019.

Bruce, a paralegal for Cullen and Kilshaw, joined the Company in 2016 and said it was an absolute honour to be appointed Standard Bearer for this year. He said that he would be one of the proudest men in Selkirk come Common Riding day in June.

David also announced to the assembled members that the New Master for the next two years would be Alistair Pattullo. Alistair joined the company in 1998 and was their Standard Bearer in 2007. He told the assembled members that it was an honour to be appointed Master and that he would carry out his duties to the best of his ability.


David congratulates new standard bearer Bruce Riddell and new master Alistair Pattullo

David congratulates new Standard Bearer, Bruce Riddell and Master Alistair Pattullo

Bruce with his Lady Busser Kelly Mitchell

Bruce with his Lady Busser Kelly Mitchell

Following on from the annual general meeting the Merchants held their annual dinner where the new Standard Bearer was introduced to the company by Ex Standard Bearer John Smail who was the one who proposed Bruce for the Company back in 2016. Bruce replied in an assured and confident manner.

The toast to Selkirk Merchant Company Town and Trade was proposed by Selkirk High School rector Mr Jamie Bryson who talked about the links between the Merchant Company and the schools dating back hundreds of years and how these continue to this day.

The reply to Jamie’s toast was done by the New Provost of the Common Riding Trust, Mr Keith Miller, in what will be the first of many replies over the next three years. Keith told the assembled Company about the ever increasing costs of running our Common Riding and the constant change and updates to health and safety.

The company were well entertained by Hilary Bell and Tommy Knox throughout the evening with Ann Witherington on the keyboard.

The vote of thanks was very well done by Mr Ben Agate who thanked all the speakers and congratulated the outgoing Master David Heard on his two years in office and wished the New Master Alistair Pattullo all the best for the next two years.


Top table guests

Top table guests

Back Row: Mr Ben Agate, Provost Keith Miller, Mr Jamie Bryson, Mr John Smail

Front Row:  New Master Alistair Pattullo, Outgoing Master David Heard, Standard Bearer Bruce Riddell

New members admitted to the Company this year were Mr Keith Rodgerson, Mr Kieran Riddell and Miss Nicola Stillie.


New members

New Members Mr Keith Rodgerson, Miss Nicola Stillie and Mr Keiran Riddell with new Master Alistair Pattullo and outgoing Master David Heard

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