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Selkirk Merchant Company Colour Bussin' 2016


Full report of the Dinner by reporter John Smail - 



SELKIRK Merchant Company’s annual colour bussin’ in the Victoria Hall on Tuesday night proved a hugely successful occasion, with 150 members and guests gathering to support 2016 Merchant Company Standard Bearer David Amos.

Lady Busser Michelle Amos invested David with his sash of office, before graciously bussing the Selkirk Merchant Company flag, proudly watched by her husband. She wished the 2016 Selkirk Merchant Company Standard Bearer every success on Common Riding Friday.

In reply, Standard Bearer Amos told the audience: “I will endeavour to carry out my duties to the best of my ability, to uphold the great traditions of this ancient company, and to maintain the high standards set by my predecessors.”

The Master of Selkirk Merchant Company, Douglas Hogarth, chaired the bussin’, with the toast to the 2016 Standard Bearer being proposed in fine style by ex-Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Grant Kinghorn

“David is the type of guy who has always been happy to be part of something be it the Rugby Club, Cricket Club or Merchant Company,” said Grant, “and be a very hard-working member of these organisations without looking for anything back.

“For this reason I was delighted when I discovered David was going to be Merchant Company Standard Bearer. This Friday when you take you place in the procession you will be the figurehead of the members of the Company past and present. I have no doubt you will carry out your duties with great distinction.”

In reply, Standard Bearer Amos thanked his Lady Busser for her support and hard work over the last few months, which he said had been ‘absolutely vital’. He continued: “The Common Riding is all about passion and friendship, and the goodwill and advice I’ve been offered by members has been both humbling and very welcome.”

The toast to ‘Selkirk Merchant Company and the Royal & Ancient Burgh’ was proposed by former Borders MP Michael Moore. In a humorous and insightful address, Mr Moore said Selkirk Common Riding exemplified the Borders’ sense of community.

“The pace of change is getting greater, the uncertainties more challenging, but Selkirk has coped with such challenges down the centuries. Even in the past 20 years the town has adapted, at the same time managing to stay true to the values and traditions that matter.”

In reply, Provost Jake Wheelans congratulated Standard Bearer Amos and his Lady Busser on the enthusiastic manner in which they had taken part in the Common Riding activities to date, and wished all seven of the town’s Standard Bearers every success on June 17.

“When the Merchant Company’s flag makes its appearance in the old town on Friday morning, its presence will symbolise a long, proud and influential contribution to Selkirk’s past.”

Selkirk’s 2016 Royal Burgh Standard Bearer Rory Monks received a rousing welcome after being officially introduced by the Master, and the man of the moment said how good it had been to get to know Standard Bearer Amos and the other casting associations’ principals over recent weeks.

The vote of thanks was proposed by 2014 Merchant Company Standard Bearer Andrew Anderson, while musical entertainment throughout the evening was provided by singers Hilary Bell, Tommy Knox, Jimmy Gibb and pianist Anne Witherington.

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